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How to Sponsor Your Family in the UAE – A Complete Guide

Do you have any plans to visit the UAE with your family? Perhaps family sponsorship is the solution! You may keep your family close and spend quality time with them by sponsoring them in the UAE. Despite the fact that it may seem difficult, with the right help. Everything you need to know about sponsoring your family in the UAE will be covered in this post. From eligibility requirements to application processes and advantages. So keep reading for a helpful advice on how to sponsor your family in the UAE!

1. The UAE's Family Sponsorship Programme: An Overview

Family sponsorship – what is it?

An expatriate resident with a valid UAE residency visa may legally sponsor their close family members, such as their spouses, children, and occasionally parents, to join them in the country.

Family sponsorship – what is it?

Family support and unity are greatly enhanced through family sponsorship. It helps expatriates to give their family a stable environment, ensuring their well-being and giving them access to high-quality healthcare and education.

2. Eligibility requirements

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Criteria for Employment and Income

In Dubai/UAE, the minimum wage for sponsor a family, spouse, or child is AED 4,000, or AED 3,000 plus housing for male sponsors. As long as the salary threshold is met, the applicant’s occupation is no longer restricted.

In the UAE, wives can also sponsor their husbands.

In Abu Dhabi, the sponsor must earn a minimum of AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus housing and be a teacher, engineer, or member of the medical profession. (She must submit any further paperwork that the authority requests.)

As long as the wife who is sponsoring the family earns more than AED 10,000, there are no occupation restrictions in Dubai.

In the UAE, a sponsor must earn at least AED 10,000 in order to sponsor five family members, including their own parents or their spouse’s parents. Six family members will result in an AED 15,000 need.

A dispensation is necessary if you plan to sponsor more than six members. The sponsor must additionally demonstrate family links at residency centres and reside in a minimum 2-bed house or flat. The cost of this visa is AED 1,750, plus a refundable AED 5,000 payment.

In exceptional circumstances that have been reviewed and accepted by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship and Ports Security (ICP), a mother may sponsor her children.

Foreign students studying at universities in the UAE may also sponsor them, according to a resolution adopted by the UAE Cabinet in January 2021.

Time Limit and Duration of Sponsorship

You have 90 days from the time you land in the UAE to apply for the resident visas of your spouse, kids, or parents if you are sponsoring them.

An admission permission is given to them when they arrive. About three months are given to the sponsor to turn this permission into a legitimate residence visa.

Your parents may also be sponsored. No matter how long your visa is valid for, parents will receive a residence permit every year.

3. Essential Documents

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  • Passport copies of the sponsor and the family member(s) to be sponsored.
  • Passport-size photographs of the family member(s) to be sponsored.
  • Marriage certificate (for spouse visa).
  • Birth certificate (for child visa).
  • Salary certificate and employment contract (for employed sponsors)
  • Bank statement (for self-employed sponsors).
  • Tenancy contract (for sponsors who are renting accommodation).
  • Emirates ID card (for the sponsor).
  • Medical fitness certificate (for family members over 18 years of age).

4. The Sponsorship Application

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Applying for Family Sponsorship

You’ll need to start by gathering all the paperwork needed for your application. These include your Emirates ID card, copies of both the sponsor’s and the sponsored person’s passports, a marriage certificate (if applicable), birth certificates for any children, a job contract or salary certificate, a tenancy agreement, or other documentation of property ownership.

You must complete an online application form on the GDRFA website once you have all these documents ready. Before submitting, make sure all of the information you supply is accurate.

After completing your application, use one of the several payment methods offered by the government portal to pay the applicable costs. The authorities will next assess your application and, if necessary, may ask for more supporting evidence.

Medical Fitness Test

For those who are 18 years of age or older, the UAE government only issues and renews resident visas in the UAE after passing a medical fitness exam at a government-approved health facility. An X-ray and a blood test are required for this. Dependents may also undergo tests for various medical issues.

A person won’t be granted a visa if they are deemed medically unfit.

A one-year “Health Fitness Certificate for Residence” will be issued to those who have been diagnosed with dormant or inactive pulmonary tuberculosis and are “considered medically fit.” This certification is subject to the applicant’s treatment and subsequent examination by the Department of Preventive Medicine.

5. Types of Visas

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Spouse Visa

  • To sponsor your wife, a resident must complete the eligibility requirements listed above and present their wife with a marriage certificate in Arabic as confirmation of their connection.
  • If male sponsors adhere to the GDRFA’s rules and restrictions, they may be allowed to sponsor two wives.

Child Visa

  • Sons, daughters, and stepchildren all have slightly different requirements when applying for a child’s UAE resident visa.
  • Resident can sponsor their daughters who are single.
  • The age restriction is raised to 21 years old if the son is studying in the United Arab Emirates or abroad after turning 18 and the sponsoring parent provides proof of education (attested transcripts from colleges and universities).
  • This is due to the fact that a son’s residency visa has a one-year validity period and keeps renewing till he completes his studies.
  • If the kid is studying somewhere else, the kid must travel to the UAE at least once every six months to maintain his residence visa.
  • If they provide a deposit for each child and a letter from the biological parent stating that they have no objections, expats may also sponsor stepchildren. The government issues stepchildren with a one-year residency permit that can be renewed each year.

Parent Visa

  • A medical insurance policy for the parents must be purchased by the sponsor, and it must be renewed annually.
  • You must also pay a deposit for each parent if you want to sponsor them for a year’s stay.
  • According to the GDRFA, you must sponsor both parents jointly and provide evidence that
  • you are their sole source of support and that no one else is taking care of them at home.
  • You must present the official documentation as proof or rationale for supporting only one parent if one of your parents has passed away or is divorced.

6. Renewing and Cancellation

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The visa is valid for a maximum of two to three years, but the precise length of time depends on the sponsor’s employment situation and employment contract.

The sponsored family will likely receive the same length of time as the sponsor, whose visa is valid for three years. This does not apply to parents and adult sons who are granted a one-year residency visa in the UAE. The dependents’ visas will likewise be cancelled if the sponsor’s visa is revoked.

The dependent has 30 days to acquire a new permit if their residence visa expires or is revoked. The dependents will be considered “illegal residents” if the sponsor does not renew the dependents’ visas. Also possible is a fine for overstaying.



It’s a fantastic experience to sponsor your family in the UAE, where you can pursue employment opportunities while making priceless experiences and strengthening family ties. Understanding the eligibility standards, documentation needs, and overall sponsorship procedure can help you and your loved ones have a successful and easy trip.

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